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Maya Simone a multifaceted vessel with talents ranging from: singing, songwriting, poet, musician, dancing, hosting, teaching, activism, community leading and entrepreneurship. As she grows, the mastery in her crafts evolve.  Originally from Cherry Hill, NJ, Ms. Simone sculpted her passion for music in the city of Philadelphia. It was here that she found purpose for performing, to spread light.


In an interview with WURD Radio she states, "performing is more than singing or dancing or speaking. Performing to me is another opportunity to spread a message.. the highest message which is love. A message to change someone's life, in its simplest form. If I can so much as encourage someone to love themselves a little more, it was a successful performance." Maya Simone is known to have high energy, entertaining and diverse live performances. In a live performance by Maya Simone, one can find dancers, live painters, poets, musicians and more. She has performed in places such as: Babel's Legacy Showcase, CODA, Trocadero, Warmdaddys, WURD Radio, WRTI and more. Her talents have even reached as far as Atlanta, Georgia.


Maya Simone currently has her first single out now entitled, "Lukewarm." Lukewarm tells the narrative of choice. A choice to either follow your highest self or follow your old paths and desires. Multiple times in Lukewarm, Ms. Simone states, "there's something so tempting about my old self." In Ms. Simone's upcoming album she tells the story of fighting the old version of herself and embracing a new found love. One can find Ms. Simone's music on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube.  

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Maya Simone
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