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Malik Henry

Malik Henry is a drummer, producer and educator whose mission is to use his gift to benefit the masses. Primarily self taught, he began his music career at age 14. Having roots in the Baptist Church, Malik initially immersed himself in the Gospel genre. His home church (Greater Exodus Baptist Church) became his training ground, as he played with several professionals in the industry including Stan Davis, Henri McMillian, Shaun Amos, Brian Pittman, and his playing praised by “having that feel that makes people want to dance.” Playing with these high caliber musicians has helped to developed Malik's drumming skills and overall musicality.


Upon entering High school, Malik broadened his music studies to include Jazz, as he began to play in the Central High School Jazz Band, and was selected to play for the All- City Jazz band. High school was also where Malik began to produce music, sitting in a music technology class he constructed a composition while the instructor taught music theory, which Malik was already proficient in. The feeling of creating his own musical piece gave him the desire to continue pursuing production. As an educator, Malik has assisted in helping the music department at his high school as a student instrumentalist mentor, and currently teaches at Gibson school of music.


Today, Malik and his partners work on creating constructive music, and seeks opportunities for he and his artists to connect with people worldwide.