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74 : Under The Starry Sky [Extra Quality]

mystery mystery!! What hasJean Pierre found out in the latest revelation in the quest to understand the meaning and astronomical truth behind this great masterpiece, ! AWAITING THE NEXT INSTALMENT! I found his work to date amazing on all subjects and his blending of scientific knowledge and Art History a true revelation in itself! Jean Pierre Luminet is a real modern day renaissance man

74 : Under the Starry Sky

Visual Magnitude: This is the astronomer's scale for measuring the brightness of objects in the sky. The dimmest object visible in the night sky under perfectly dark conditions is about magnitude 6.5. Brighter stars are magnitude 2 or 1. The brightest objects get negative numbers. Venus can be as bright as magnitude minus 4.9. The full moon is minus 12.7 and the sun is minus 26.8.

Meanwhile, the Thunder God Tribe and Laxus arrive at the festival, while, in the forest, Wendy and Carla meet Makarov and inform him about the showdown, shocking him. As the fight begins and the crowd watches them tensely, Natsu makes the first move, to be ignominiously knocked out in one hit. As mirth and shock travel through the crowd, Laxus turns to fight Gajeel, only to find out that he has fled, with a search party immediately setting out to find him. As Makarov arrives at the aftermath, Fried pleads with him to take Laxus back, but both men involved remain silent.[2]

Concurrently, Natsu and Happy are still fighting Sugarboy, who tells them that his slime doesn't just absorb the Magic of others, but also the properties of what it absorbs. He demonstrates this by turning the slime hand under his control into fire, and repeatedly hitting Natsu with it. In his fight against Byro, Gildarts seems to be experiencing some trouble, as Byro keeps negating his Magic. When Gildarts asks the man why they are targetting Lucy, Byro deflects by talking about a crusade. Jason then mentions that Byro is one of the Legion Corps, and is told by Gildarts to run away as the combatants start getting serious.[4]

Erza attacks Dan, however, his Magic ability to shrink and enlarge objects helps him to quickly overpower her. Lucy makes her way out to the hall, but Samuel blocks her path, stating that he has predicted all of their moves. Natsu tries to attack Samuel, but the cat dodges his attacks until Dan appears and strikes Natsu out of the window. Gray and Wendy then attack but nearly get crushed by the roof collapsing on them. Happy, Lucy and Michelle find Natsu outside, but as Natsu was hit by Dan's spear, he has shrunk to the size of a doll. When Dan and Samuel follow, Lucy throws the book to Happy and tells him to run with it, however, Samuel finds the real book under Michelle's dress. After using a pair of Gale-Force Reading Glasses, Samuel gives the book to Lucy, having memorized the contents of the book. Samuel and Dan then leave, as Lucy stands in the rubble of her old house, wondering what her father is trying to tell her.[5]

Concurrently, Panther Lily's group arrives at a waterfall, seeing Gajeel meditating under the waterfall as part of his training. Just then, a lightning bolt strikes Gajeel, which he miraculously survives. He then tells them that this is his method of training and yells at them to go away, but instead Panther Lily joins his training and Levy states that they are getting sidetracked from their mission.[6]

Dan and Natsu continue their battle despite Coco and Happy trying to remind them of their original objective. Lucy summons Sagittarius, but, due to his master's size, he also appears in a shrunken form, thus being inefficient in his task, with Lucy sending him back. Michelle then puts her own plan into motion: she asks Dan if he would like to marry Lucy in the crypt, it being a holy place making it the perfect venue. While Michelle distracts Dan by talking about his future married life, Romeo sneaks up and sets off Yellow Fire under Dan's armor, stinking up the armor. The smoke of the fire spreads out of it, causing everybody to flail about, and Lucy is flung from Dan, to be caught by Happy. Lucy and Happy are then attacked by Dan's Habaraki, but the Legionnaire hits both Lucy and Happy. Lucy is returned to her normal size, but everyone is shocked to see that Happy has grown huge.[8]

At the Magic Library, Erza and her team encounter the notorious Jiggle Butt Gang, with the latter delighted to see their 'goddess', Wendy, who is horrified at their arrival. Carla furiously rends the jumpsuit Wendy was forced to wear to shreds, and Cana expresses the dreadful nightmares Carla has had about Wendy wearing that suit. Then the three thieves suddenly erupt into a hullabaloo of random comments, and brash displays of their evilness and an annoyed Erza demands to know why they've come to the library, to which the leader of the trio responds that everyone in the criminal underworld knows that Fairy Tail is searching for an incredible treasure. Wendy, irritated with the situation, throws on the Jiggle Butt Gang attire, much to Carla's horror, and attempts to bring out the gang's 'true selves'. The leader of the trio agrees to hear Wendy out, but insists that Erza dresses in the Jiggle Butt Gang attire in exchange, to which she agrees. Finally wearing the apparel, she attempts to have a philosophical discussion about true evil with the gang, questioning them about their 'art of evil'.[9]

Meanwhile, Natsu and Dan are still brawling at the underground graveyard, with Natsu failing to overpower the other man despite his different tactics. Dan explains that this difference in their power levels is because Natsu's time was frozen for seven years, while Dan trained in those seven years. Provoked, Natsu retaliates, only to be knocked back down some stairs by the deflected attack.[9]

Samuel introduces himself to Gajeel and the others and refers to himself as the brain of Legion. Meanwhile, as a hidden Coco observes them, Natsu and his group question Dan about the Legion's goals, but Dan misunderstands and starts narrating the story of his past by showing some pictures of his life, which involves his ascension to knighthood and him falling in love with many women and each and every one of them rejecting him, before he finds Byro and decides to help him in his crusade. He then proceeds to chase after Lucy again, not having revealed anything of substance.[10]

Gajeel's group eventually realizes that the ruins represent a clock, and by moving the clock's hands at snack time, the Clock part emerges from the ruins. Levy then finds some writing on the pillar and starts to translate it, but Gajeel impatiently grabs the part, with the rock which they are standing on suddenly rising, to reveal a huge moving statue under it, forcing the group off it. Levy then deciphers the writing as "Warning! The stone guardian won't abide by anyone trying to steal this", much to her dismay. The statue immediately begins its assault.

Elsewhere, Mirajane's team arrives at a lake, with Lisanna looking for the Clock part underwater, but finding a huge plug instead; she uses it to transfer the lake's water to the next lake. Elfman and Mirajane then approach Lisanna and they soon find the missing Clock part half-buried in the ground. Elfman goes over and pulls out the Clock piece, however, he throws it away involuntarily. Hughes appears and retrieves the Clock piece, revealing that she was following them all along in order to snatch way the Clock piece when they found it. When Elfman tries to attack her, she redirects him to attack his sisters, exclaiming that they are but puppets to her.[10]

Romeo himself is in some trouble though, with Byro Cracy having arrived on Kanaloa in the underground ruins. Natsu engages in battle against Byro and Kanaloa, but Kanaloa's squishy body and deadly ink prove to be more formidable than first thought. As Kanaloa continues its attacks, Lucy and Natsu are forced to save Coco and Dan, yelling at Byro for almost harming his own allies, but Byro dismisses this by stating that any member of the Legion Corps is prepared to throw their life away for their goals. As they argue about the importance of lives over Zentopia's objectives, the Clock piece in the wall behind him starts to glow with strange golden symbols.[11]

At the underground cavern, Lucy vows to get all of the Clock parts anyway. She and Romeo manage to hold down Kanaloa whilst Natsu finally takes out the octopus. Having jumped off his friend, Byro senses all of the Clock parts coming together soon at their location and moves to fight the group seriously.[11]

Kinana then reminisces when she first arrived at the Fairy Tail guild: she had stated that she didn't remember anything from when she was a snake but she remembered a promise, in which someone told her that even if they were separated, he would ride a shooting star to come and get her back someday. Makarov had stated that she was under a curse, while Wakaba asked whether Kinana was really a girl to begin with. Macao then promised that they would protect her no matter what. In the present, Wakaba tells her to be quiet and get some rest. Meanwhile, Natsu and Byro argue about the importance of duty over the lives of friends, with neither willing to admit that they're wrong.[12]

Erza is interrupted by the Thunder God Tribe who has returned from a job and everyone is surprised to see them. Everyone then explains the current situation to them and Fried adds that before he came back to the guild, he was out grocery shopping by himself and there, he saw some guards talking about two men, one who was running at a tremendous speed and the other holding a large sickle , who single-handedly destroyed a church, with Natsu realizing they were Grim Reaper and Racer. Bickslow asks Fried why didn't he tell them earlier, but Fried says that he was ignored since Bickslow and Evergreen were busy eating.[14]

In an unknown mountain pass while walking, Wendy and Bickslow encounter the Grim Reaper, whose lack of memory becomes evident as he doesn't remember being Erigor of Eisenwald. Grim Reaper then proceeds to attack the two with a powerful blast of wind, and then sends a black tornado from the side, but Wendy and Bickslow dodge. Wendy then casts a supportive spell on Bickslow and herself, and then both of them charge towards Erigor. However, Bickslow and Wendy's attacks do not work very well on Grim Reaper, and his tornado causes some cows to fly towards Wendy. However, Bickslow pushes her aside and all the flying cows fall on top of him until he is buried under a pile of cows.[15] 041b061a72

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