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Atlas Of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Volume 2

The first edition of this superb atlas on surgery of the bilary tract, pancreas and liver was published. Dr. Cameron has now revisited and updated the classic work to include laparoscopic techniques and to demonstrate new procedures and the current status of gastrointestinal surgical procedures. Written for the experienced surgeon, this 2-volume work is beautifully illustrated with anatomical watercolor paintings by co-author Corinne Sandone that elevate the work to a level not seen in other atlases. Each operative indication and technique is fully illustrated.

Atlas of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Volume 2

The large format and multiple volumes make this book fairly expensive, get it in electronic format for optimal portability. I can think of no other atlas that's as well presented and beautifully packaged. For the reader who owns the first edition, the second edition is well worth purchasing as it covers new technology, and the description is more extensive. 041b061a72

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