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Pixar Short Films La Luna Full Version

La Luna (IPA: [la ˈluːna], Italian and Spanish for "The Moon") is a 2011 American computer-animated short film, directed and written by Enrico Casarosa in his directorial debut. The short premiered on June 6, 2011 at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France,[1] and it was paired with Pixar's Brave for its theatrical release on June 22, 2012, being shown before the film's beginning. La Luna was released on November 13, 2012, on the Brave DVD and Blu-ray,[2] and on a new Pixar Short Films Collection, Volume 2, the second collection of Pixar's short films.[3] La Luna was nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 84th Academy Awards.[4]

Pixar Short Films La Luna Full Version

Papà sets up a long ladder for Bambino to climb so he can set an anchor on the full moon, and the three ascend to start their work of sweeping fallen stars off the lunar surface. Papà urges Bambino to use a pushbroom on the stars, while Nonno favors a besom broom. As they quarrel, a huge star crashes on the moon; it is far too large for any of them to move.

One of the benefits of seeing a new Pixar movie in theaters is catching the short film that plays before the feature. The studio has churned out gems like Day & Night, Partly Cloudy, One Man Band, in front of some of their biggest hits, and this year in front of Brave the wonderfully charming short La Luna was featured.  The short has now been released online in full, so if you missed director Enrico Casarosa’s gorgeous pic in theaters, now’s the time to rectify that. Not only is the story top-notch, the film also includes a great guitar-infused score by Michael Giacchino. Though it ultimately lost the Best Animated Short Oscar to William Joyce’s moving The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, it’s still a swell piece of work that's well-worth your time.Hit the jump to watch the full short film.

If you saw Brave this past summer, the traditional Pixar short film beforehand was yet another charming installment in the animation studio's long history of brilliant short filmmaking. With beautiful imagery, cute characters and a truly original premise, the Oscar nominated short La Luna might have actually succeeded in showing up the feature length film from Pixar that followed (in fact, Brave probably isn't the best animated feature of the year). While you can catch this short on the Blu-Ray/DVD of Brave arriving November 13th, the full short is now available in full for your viewing pleasure online. It's lovely. Watch!

While 'Brave' didn't receive as high reviews as many of us were hoping, the Pixar short that accompanied the film, 'La Luna,' definitely did. In case you don't want to wait to relive the spectacular animation when 'Brave' hits DVD and Blu-ray on November 14, you can watch it in full right here.

'La Luna,' directed by Enrico Casarosa and nominated for Best Animated Short Film for this year's Oscars, follows three generations of men and their unique relationship with the moon. The young boy is experiencing his very first night accompanying his father grandfather as they paddle out into the sea beneath a full moon. What they do exactly we cannot say as it would ruin the surprise of the short film, but thankfully 'La Luna' is now available online for those who missed it in theaters.

While 'Brave' didn't receive as high reviews as many of us were hoping, the Pixar short that accompanied the film, 'La Luna,' definitely did. In case you don't want to wait to relive the spectacular animation when 'Brave' hits DVD and Blu-ray on November 14, you can watch it in full right here.

This was the first CGI short film to win an Oscar, and its groundbreaking technology cannot be overstated. But the uncanny animation of the baby makes "Tin Toy" tough to rewatch. This short still gets a lot of credit for being a clever precursor to one of Pixar's greatest films: "Toy Story."

"Bao" is the first Pixar short written and directed by a woman, Domee Shi (who started working at Pixar as an intern in 2011). The short plays brilliantly on audience expectations of anthropomorphism in Disney films when a little steamed bun comes to life.

A clever twist on a classic cartoon rabbit, à la Bugs Bunny, "Presto" is one of Pixar's funniest shorts with a deluge of physical comedy paired expertly with an orchestral score. The running gags involved with a real magic hat and a rightfully angry rabbit will keep you riveted.

The short starts with a young Italian child, Bambino, being taken out on a midnight sailing journey across the ocean blue with his father and grandfather. The trio park their boat in the middle of the sea and after a brief squabble between the father and grandfather, watch an immense, pearly white full moon rise into the sky. Using a long ladder, the trio climb up onto the surface of the moon, which is covered by thousands of glowing stone stars. Using a set of brooms the family sweeps the stars off to the side; however, the process is interrupted when a star gargantuan compared to the rest crashes onto the moon. As Papa and Nonno argue over how the star should be taken care of, Bambino climbs the star, locates the ideal spot, and strikes the star with a hammer; it explodes into dozens of smaller stars. Satisfied, the trio sweep the rest of the stars into a neat pile and descend back into their sailing boat. They look up at their handiwork; the moon's glow has been modified into a beautiful crescent moon shape.

La Luna: The Story Project brings Pixar's short film to iOS, allowing users to explore its story interactively. The app features the full theatrical release of the film and lets users swipe, tap, and drag their way through it to gather an entirely new experience.

Bambino, a young Genoese child, goes on a midnight boat trip with his father Papa and grandfather Nonno. After they reach in the middle of the ocean, Nonno gives Bambino a Cap like the one he and Papa wear. Both Papa and Nonno differ on how Bumbino should wear it, Papa drew it from above his eyes and Nonno pushed it back over his head. Papa sets up a long ladder for Bambino so that he could climb at the full moon and they could begin the task of cleaning the stars falling from the lunar surface.

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