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GST Invoice for Alliance Air Flights: Why You Need It and How to Get It

If you are a corporate and looking to claim your Input Tax Credit with GST compliant invoices, AtYourPrice is the perfect fit for you. AtYourPrice is a robust web-based business travel solution that automates travel planning, requisition, approval, fulfilment, invoicing, reporting and duty of care. Today AtYourPrice is a travel solution choice for more than 250 corporates in India.

Each country has specific laws and regulations around international shipping. Many resources are available to help determine document and customs clearance requirements. FedEx provides a commercial invoice, and it is required for all international shipments.

alliance air gst invoice download

Shipments requiring documentation in addition to the FedEx International Air Waybill and the FedEx International MailService Air Waybill (e.g., a commercial invoice) may require additional transit time.

This is a document provided by the seller/exporter that describes the parties involved in the shipping transaction and the goods being transported. It is the primary document used by Customs. It should be prepared using the official language of the country/territory to which the goods are being exported, if possible. The Commercial Invoice should include a detailed breakdown of all items included in the shipment, including: a proper description of the goods (what is it? what is it made from? what is its intended use?) the quantity, the country/territory of manufacture, the price or cost, currency used, the Harmonized System number for each commodity and the terms of delivery. Some countries require that an original invoice be executed on the shipper's letterhead. The invoice should always be signed and dated by the exporter certifying that the details provided are true and correct representations of the contents covered by the Commercial Invoice. [Service ENUM : COMMERCIAL_INVOICE]For more information visit our Global Trade Manager.

The pro forma invoice is issued before sales takes place. Once receiving pro forma invoice from the supplier, the buyer sends a purchase order or opens a letter of credit to the supplier. As per agreed date of shipment, the seller arranges to ship the goods. [Service ENUM: PRO_FORMA_INVOICE]

The USMCA/T-MEC/CUSMA Commercial Invoice-Certification of Origin is a commercial invoice combined with the required certification of origin data elements including the statement that will provide a way to both ship and claim preferential tariff treatment for qualifying goods using one document for the United States-Mexico-Canada agreement. Goods that qualify for the preferential tariff treatment must originate and be exported from the U.S., Mexico or Canada. [Service ENUM: USMCA_COMMERCIAL_INVOICE_CERTIFICATION_OF_ORIGIN]

FedEx OnSite service expands the FedEx network of retail locations by offering FedEx Express and Ground pickups and drop-offs at third-party alliance locations. Customers can interact with FedEx at approximately 2,500 FedEx-staffed locations and approximately 11,000 FedEx retail alliance locations; 80% of the U.S. population is within 5 miles of a FedEx OnSite location.

In addition, a Returns Material Authorization (RMA) reference number can be included in your ship transaction. The RMA number prints on the labels as barcode and in human readable form when added to the RMA_Association Reference for a return label. It also prints on your FedEx invoice and can be used to track the return package. FedEx Express, and FedEx Ground return labels are interchangeable, regardless of the original shipping service. For example, you can send the original shipment using a FedEx Express service but include a FedEx Ground return label as part of your packing documents.

Create Shipment is the first step in the Shipping flow process. Before shipping products, a shipper must choose which products they require and place the order with a manufacturer. FedEx will provide a ship date stating when the products will be ready for pickup and commercial invoice for the order. It contains information like details of shipment, including the ship date, detailed origin and destination addresses, and the dimensions of package.

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