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Train Simulator 2014 !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Sean "Eddard Stark of Winterfell, Richard Sharpe, Emperor Martin Septim, Boromir, Alec Trevelyan" Bean wants you to be as excited about Train Simulator 2014 as he is. Are you one of the "many" train fans he he speaks of?Testify, Sean.

Train Simulator 2014


Now you're either tooting the USB steam whistle that your gran bought you for Christmas, or you're a little bit baffled. There is no middle line when it come to train simulators. But is Sean's flowery language and forthright train love justified? Just what is it about September 26th's 2013 release of TS2014 that's gotten him so wobbly lipped? As my girlfriend likes to point out, I'm no Tim Stone, but I've dug up a few interesting upgrades that are heading down the track.

Alongside the graphical bump you expect from yearly updates, TS2014 is going to simplify the front-end to give new players an easier route into playing with the giant train set. Quick Drive will allow you to combine routes and trains more easily, so you're never far from the driver's seat. Those who want to get deeper into it will be rewarded with XP and skill bumps in the career mode.

Robert Stephenson and the Reverend W Awdry are rotating in their resting places. The latest edition of 'the world's favourite train simulator' contains no steam locos whatsoever. Significant new features are pretty thin on the ground too.

Buy TS2014 and essentially you're buying TS2013 with a different mix of routes and rolling stock. The handful of minor engine changes feel like the contents of a free patch (which they are if you already own TS2013). Greater draw distances, a new zoom function, a clumsy consist builder for assembling your own trains for Quick Drive sessions... the lack of ambition is palpable.

For loco-hauled action, users must decamp to Northern Germany or California's Sierra Nevada mountains. Hamburg to Hanover, and Donner Pass are both high quality, high detail routes, well supplied with scenarios. Buy them separately as DLC and they'll set you back an eye-watering 50. Treated as an add-on bundle for a cheap copy of TS2013, TS2014 is actually relatively good value.

As an introduction to the relaxing yet challenging world of rail simming, TS2014 also fulfils its remit well enough. Cheaper and more realistic sims are available, but none that combine variety, good looks and ease of use as successfully. Yes, it helps if you arrive with a preexisting passion for railwayana, but the low-key satisfaction of sticking to speed limits and stopping tidily at signals transcends theme. Stress relief is guaranteed as long as you deactivate the GUI that pedantically points out the score penalty of every wheel-slip, speed limit breach and emergency brake application.

Check the Train Simulator 2014: Steam Edition system requirements. Can I Run it? Test your specs and rate your gaming PC. System requirements Lab runs millions of PC requirements tests on over 8,500 games a month.

Train Simulator Classic (originally RailWorks and Train Simulator) is a train simulation game developed by Dovetail Games.[1] It is the successor to Rail Simulator, and was released online on 12 June 2009 and in stores on 3 July 2009.[2]

It is a Steamworks title, which means it uses and requires Steam to activate and to deliver core game updates. Steam is used to deliver additional routes and locomotives in the form of paid downloadable content. The core game has received several updates since release, including major new versions RailWorks 2: Train Simulator, RailWorks 3: Train Simulator 2012, Train Simulator 2013, Train Simulator 2014, Train Simulator 2015, Train Simulator 2016, Train Simulator 2017, Train Simulator 2018, Train Simulator 2019, Train Simulator 2020, Train Simulator 2021 and Train Simulator 2022, released between 2010 and 2021, respectively. The current version, Train Simulator Classic, was released on 26 April 2022.

Train Simulator 2016 was released on Steam on 17 September 2015 as Train Simulator 2016: Steam Edition. This version provides a selection of new 'extreme' challenges set across a variety of different eras with the addition of the long-requested "Railfan" feature, which lets players create and play scenarios in which the only objective is to watch the trains go by from a vantage point (so-called "Railfanning" or "Trainspotting").[15]

The game features steam, diesel and electric traction trains; keyboard, mouse or gamepad control of throttles, brakes and switches with Simple and Expert driving models for varying player skills. A variety of scenarios are available for Standard and Career modes, as well as an exploratory style Free Roam mode. Quick Drive mode allows a player to pick a train (or to put together their own by snapping together cars), choose a route, set departure and destination stations and decide on the time of day, the season and the weather. Cargo and passengers are animated, and weather changes dynamically with time. Steam Workshop allows players to upload and download additional user-created routes and scenarios.

The game features train routes from around the world, such as the Hamburg to Hanover route, or players can create and share their own routes using Steam Workshop. According to, some routes are more than 200 km and players can reach speeds of up to 300km/h. Users can also create, collect and customise their own trains.

"Train Simulator 2014 delivers everything you love about trains with the exhilaration of speed, stunning graphics, and a variety of trains, real-world routes and challenging assignments," its description reads. "Whether you love driving trains, creating new routes or just watching the landscape fly by, the choice of how you play is yours. This is more than just a game; Train Simulator is a digital hobby."

TS2014 will be sold as a boxed product in shops and digitally from Steam. If you already own an earlier version of Train Simulator, your software will be updated free of charge via an automatic download after launch that adds the new user interface and game features.

Train Simulator is made by Kent-based developer Ltd, and its boss, Paul Jackson, had this to say: "I am very excited about the advances we have made with TS2014. We've developed a more personal and challenging career mode, richer creativity tools, and of course an ever more realistic driving environment.

"These are things which we know will appeal to our existing customer base, but will also deliver an exciting and engaging gaming experience to a much broader audience. I feel confident that TS2014 will be our most rewarding product to date."

Not along after the release of Train Simulator 2014, fans eager for more content can already expand their game through the downloadable Pacific Surfliner LA - San Diego route. While the downloadable route can be added to the collection of current Train Simulator 2014 owners, it also functions as a standalone game as it includes the necessary core technology. As its title suggests, the route encompasses the 128 mile Pacific Surfliner railroad service that runs between downtown Los Angeles and San Diego. The route has players navigating their locomotive through and alongside sprawling cityscapes, valleys, hills, and beaches to name a few. In addition, players travel by a variety of landmarks from Angel Stadium and San Clemente Pier to Miramar Hill and San Juan Capistrano Station.

For traveling along the route, the downloadable content includes the Pacific Surfliner consist that is powered by the EMD F59PHI diesel locomotive in navy blue and grey Amtrak livery. A neat addition to locomotive includes a drivable cab car as the route doesn't contain any turning facilities, which results in a push-pull service. The locomotive's interior is fully-modeled with active buttons and switches along with dynamic gages that display speed and other such indicators. Passenger cars also have detailed interiors in which players can relax in and enjoy the cityscapes and countrysides as the train moves along the route. Tutorials are included for series newcomers that feature both the game's controls as well as an introduction to the F59PHI locomotive.

While much of the route between Los Angeles and San Diego contains a variety of locales and landmarks, the lack of interesting content between them is disappointing. Much of the buildings used in city sections are excessively copied and unfortunately, not that visually interesting to view. As well, the city areas are lacking in dense traffic of automobiles and people walking along streets. Ultimately, the downloadable content suffers from the modest visual improvements in the recent Train Simulator 2014 version. The best visuals on the route occur in the rural areas during the day, while the city sections are more impressive during the night. Even with the route authentically-modeled after its real-life counterpart, the journey between the two cities isn't that interesting or exciting as others in the base game or downloadable content.

The Pacific Surfliner LA - San Diego route is best recommended to series veterans as newcomers to Train Simulator might have difficulty navigating through the frequent speed changes. As well, better routes exist in the Train Simulator 2014 base game that are more welcoming to beginning players. Yet, even fans of the series might be disappointed by the lacking visuals and overall slow route. Still, the majority of content included in both the route between Los Angeles and San Diego and the Pacific Surfliner locomotive are solid additions to the base game.

The Pacific Surfliner LA - San Diego route is a solid addition to the collection of Train Simulator 2014 downloadable content. Unfortunately, the route's design can be more challenging for series newcomers with its frequent speed changes. At its current price of $39.99, the downloadable content can easily be recommended to fans of the series while beginning players should instead opt for the Train Simulator 2014 base game. 041b061a72

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