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DJ Arcane - The Curse Of Arcane

Our latest premiere is an absolute masterclass in jungle rhythms as Arcane pushes boundaries with his latest track 'Curse of the Pharaohs' from the EP of the same name. Due out Dec 16th on the mighty Irish label Rua Sound / Foxy Jangle listen to it hear first.His second foray into the Rua Sound and Foxy catalogue sees him push the boundaries of bass infused jungle rhythms, offering rolling breaks, alongside intricate melodies and percussive mastery.This outing is on the Irish label's stellar jungle series, Foxy Jangle, which has previously featured luminaries such as Sully, Tim Reaper, and FFF. On this double-A release, Arcane marks out his space in the jungle landscape: hard precise drum programming backed with swooping basslines, with bright melodic leads throughout.The Bristol-based producer is on a run right now, following the release of a collaborative EP with Jon 1st this month, and headlining the Rua Sound weekender last October.The double track release is out December 16th, with the pre-orders for vinyl and digital available via the Rua Sound Bandcamp here. Don't sleep on it!Arcane-------------SC: @arcane_official_musicIG: Four Magazine---------------------------FB:

DJ Arcane - The Curse Of Arcane

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But when a bet drives Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy to investigate the asylum, they learn that the edifice isn't as abandoned as they thought. Trapped within the asylum frozen in time, the pair must enlist help from other inmates to escape before they fall prey to insanity and the rumored curse upon the inhabitants. 041b061a72

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