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No Flash Support For Windows Phone 7 No Cut-copy-paste ! Say It Isnt true!

If I where to recommend a set up , I would have to say go for the the Netgear Nighthawk r7000 and flash it with the latest Kong build of dd-wrt. Very well supported and tested. Lots of possible goodies. I was running transmission and a ton of other services on the box.

No Flash support for Windows Phone 7 No cut-copy-paste ! Say it isn’t true!

Hey so I applied your ttl cmd prompt for 65 and have a rooted note 5 custom rom. What should I do on the phone side, tetherdun=0 or net.tetheringprovisioning=true. Tmobile is still counting my hotspot data. When I go to regestry I see that your cmd mod defaultTTL (65) appears there so what else should I do?

the router also supports ndis(Ethernet over usb) which is nice, right over a usb 3.0 connection, so i can use the built in usb teathering directly to the router, did that for a time but the charging of the phone was flaky and its more convenient to just have it pick up the hotspot automatically.

If cellular service in your area is iffy, Wi-Fi Calling can tap into your home's Wi-Fi network to place calls. You'll need a wireless carrier that supports it(Opens in a new window), but if it does, go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling to turn it on. Be sure to set up an Emergency Address for you phone; 911 centers can't pinpoint location for VoIP calls. You'll know it's on when you swipe to see the Control Center and the word "Wi-Fi" appears next to your carrier's name.

Next to no tools, documentation looking plenty at first but being all but worthless because pretty much everything, tools, docu, (plenty) videos, is done with flash (yuck) and gaming (more yuck) in mind.About the only half-way useable dev. environment is flash based and, to make it even more ridiculous, runs only on windows.Pretty much all communication and dev. efforts turn around games and funny web-crap.

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