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ARK: Extinction - Expansion Pack Download [TOP] Free

Everyone here at Studio Wildcard is thrilled to finally be sharing our third titanic expansion pack Ark: Extinction with our dedicated Xbox One players today. This has been a long time coming!

ARK: Extinction - Expansion Pack Download Free

And if you've yet to experience Ark: Survival Evolved after all this time, PC players can get a taste of the action for free right now until November 11th. The download includes the original Island map, plus free additions Ragnarok and The Center. The base game can also be picked up for 18.00 at present, instead of 44.99, if you're sufficiently taken.

The ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass gives you access to three huge expansion packs to continue your adventures, providing vast new fantastical worlds to explore and conquer, with tons of new powerful creatures, items, and weapons. The Season Pass new ARK's include: 'Scorched Earth' (available now), set on a blazing desert world; 'Aberration' (available Q4 2022), a sci-fi vertigo-inducing bioluminescent cave system; and 'Extinction' (available Q1 2023), a destroyed future Earth, where titanic monsters duel for domination! Across these epic environments, you'll continue the epic main story of ARK: Survival Evolved as you fight to restore the future of humanity and all Earth's creatures!

For the next month, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download free copies of Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, Ark: Survival Evolved, Ghostrunner, and Team Sonic Racing. Sony announced that a slew of free games would be available for the PlayStation. Furthermore, PlayStation Blog, a collection of gamer-only content, will be available beginning March 1.

The third expansion pack to be released as part of the freemium program, Ark: Extinction, is now available. You can purchase the base game and its expansions for $9 each through this link. A map called Crystal Isles will be available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in the coming months. In addition to the online game Ark: Survival Evolved, this expansion pack includes Ark: Extinction. Extinction is a new map created specifically for the expansion that is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. The map includes a new mode called Aberration, as well as dinosaurs, animals, and plants. The Extinction Chronicles will include two new features in the Extinction series from Studio Wildcard. Survivors can download and install the Center Expansion Map for free, which includes a completely new map. It is the first official community map based on Norse mythology, and it depicts a cold and hostile archipelago.

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"This definitive ARK collection will include all ARK expansion packs, launching first with Scorched Earth (also launching November 1 in North America and November 8 in Europe); Aberration, Extinction and Genesis Parts 1 & 2 will be released in order."

Then on 9th November, Ark: Dinosaur Discovery will be released - a "kid-friendly, non-violent adventure" exclusive to Switch. It features simplified controls, can be played with a single Joy-Con and allows younger gamers to learn about real-life dinosaurs. This game is a free download for all Ark: Survival Evolved Switch owners, and will also be available for purchase on the eShop.

Yet the third pack, last year's Extinction, did "far better than we were expecting" and the availability of a season pass brought in a lot of new users who suddenly had the entire Ark experience. Wildcard was even surprised by the expansion's sell-through to the established userbase.

"We never imagined it would be in this state, which is why we're doing more expansion packs, because it's clear the audience is still loving the game, is still playing it and is hungry from more content," co-founder Jesse Rapczak tells

So earlier this year, the team knuckled down on Genesis, a brand new expansion with two parts releasing this coming December and winter 2020. The pair continue a pattern Wildcard has established over the years, where Ark receives one or two big, free updates and a premium expansion to drive sales around the holidays.

Given the ongoing scrutiny into how the industry monetises, Rapczak feels proud and even "a little bit justified" that Ark remains free of skins or other microtransactions. The success of the expansions has certainly validated Wildcard's decision.

"We kinda felt like we've almost done everything you can imagine creature-wise, so what are we going to do different in Genesis? One thing that we really want to make sure is true when we make an expansion pack is we want to give them something that they're not going to find in a mod, because we do have an extensive modding community. We wanted to add a bunch of new gameplay mechanics, like this AI companion robot that goes around with you, and we've created this open-world mission system, which is not something Ark has had really before."

Studio Wildcard continues to develop free, content packed updates and themed events for ARK: Survival Evolved, including the Eggcellent Adventure event happening now and the upcoming Nordic style, cold-weather Fjordur, coming in June 2022. Check out the new Fjordur creature Andrewsarchus HERE.

When you click on the button, it will launch the game and begin downloading the expansion map. The Valguero map is large one, so it might take a bit to download completely. Once it's finished, you have the expansion map on your client, and now you can connect to any server running the "Valguero" expansion map.

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