Dahi Divine

Divine, whose rap handle is Sleepy Dah, makes music that combines elements of jazz with hip-hop, trap, funk and R&B genres embraced by his generation of music listeners.  Moving the music forward catapulted him in the direction of younger audiences as a conveyor of enlightened, hip-hop, instrumental compositions. 

Dah is making his way onto the urban music scene as a musician, writer, composer, rapper and producer of hip-hop beats created with live instrumentalist.  Until these recent hip-hop projects, Divine was better known as a dynamic tenor saxophonist, prolific composer and jazz bandleader that paid his dues in the New York jazz scene.  His performances include the horn line of the Dave Matthews Band during the Grammys, with Rihanna at the MTV Video Music Awards, with Solange Knowles at the Guggenheim and many others notable headliners.  Another fun fact about Divine is his 30 second scene-stealing sexy sax solo on the Ellie Goulding cover of Tessellate.

Divine's discography includes his new single "On A Wave",  and several hip-hop projects during the last two years.  The single "Awbury Visions", released in August 2018, the epk “Soundsmith”, which features the popular single “Sway My Way”, and his second epk release, “Soulful Stoner”.   In 2015 Divine released and received critical acclaim for “The Element”,  a modern jazz album and his recording debut.  Like his hip-hop projects, The Element includes all original compositions.

Currently Divine is creating and releasing new music, performing and pursuing his Master's degree in Jazz Performance at Temple University  and repping his hometown, Philly.