ERA Records

The ERA record label is the core component of the ERA brand. It consists of artists, musicians, and producers who will disrupt today’s mainstream, and challenge the messages it teaches. ERA artists use their gifts as a tool to enlighten society through conscious art.  As a part of ERA, artists, musicians, and producers realize that the arts are a strong influencer in society. Therefore, their primary mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire people through their art and to expose the injustices in our society and create social change.  The ERA Brand is designed to collaborate with and promote new talent that shares positive messages through their artform.

Our Future

ERA Radio

ERA Radio provides a platform for all aspiring positive artists and collaborators to promote their music and art projects.  The goal of the ERA Radio station is to flood the market with positive and original art. The program content is also designed to be diverse, rather than for a specific genre, since positive music takes many forms.  

ERA School

The purpose of ERA's school is to educate young artists through instrumental, studies, as well as teach them the ABCs of the music industry. They will also learn ways to positively influence the community through their music. The school will give the youth constructive activities to participate that can keep them out of the streets. ERA School students will also acquire the skills needed to successfully start their own business and develop an entrepreneurial mindset regarding the many options available in the music industry besides being a performer.